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TV Installation

Audio installation
Multizone Audio,Surround Sound,Inwalls

Lighting & Automation
Can you control your lights? Do you want centralized control over your house?

Trouble Shooting and Support
Is your equipment working the way it should be?  Are you utlizing everything you have?

Envision a home where you don’t even have to leave your recliner to know who is knocking on your door.  Imagine having a single button to set a lighting scene for a party or another that simply turned everything off as you walked out the door. How about a house that monitors itself knowing when a light should be on or off or when it really is bed time. These amenities were once found only in the homes of the rich and famous.    The world has changed. Let us show you how technology can give you a greener home and enrich your life.

The world of computers, video and audio are merging more and more every day. We are experts in understanding this overlap and how to apply the best of both worlds to come up with a solution that matches your needs and budget. We offer superior service from start to finish, providing quality solutions for any dream you may have. 

Whether you need help installing your new TV, connecting that new receiver up to your speakers or designing a whole smart home solution we can help.